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THERAPY is from Greek therapeuein (to nurse, treat medically).

Herbal THERAPEUTICS is described in Ezekiel47:12 - "the fruit thereof shall be for food, and the leaf thereof for healing -    תרופה TiROOPHaH or THiROOPaH.

רפוה   RiPHOOAH is healing or THERAPY;  רפא   RaPHAh is to heal or cure - (Exodus15:2; “cause tobe curedis in Exodus 21:19). רפות   RiFOOT is health in Proverbs 3:8.   רפא   RaFAh is to heal in Phoenician and Sryriac, as Arabic rafa’a is mending and patching, and Ethiopic raf’a means “he stitched together. “ A רופא ROAPHAy, doctor, is not merely one who sews stitches. Healing as stitching is explained below.

Four built-in antonyms are below.


תרפים T’RaPHeeYM  stolen by Rachel in Genesis 31:19 are often left untranstaed as teraphim; ,the new JPS  renders them “household idols.” Perhaps they were believed to have THERAPEUITIC or healing powers

A leaf, DTeRePH, rustles with the TRP sound of THERAPY. Much medicine is from leaves – see the leafy entry TROPHY.  Antonyms include   תורפה TOORPaH (weakness – see   TORPID) and רפא  RaPHAh (weak – Jeremiah 49:24).   רפיון RiPYOAN is weakness in Jeremiah 47:3.

Weakness, ill health, is often from disconnected tissue.  The disconnected RUPTURE (see ABRUPT), RIP or RIFT is seen in the Resh-Phey words at TROPHY.  The connecting, curing RP words here are the medical antidote. Greek rhaptein (to stitch together) is seen at RHAPSODY.  Reverse the RPT of the Greek to get תפר    TaPHaR (to sew together - Genesis3:7).  An antonym-by-metathesis is    טרף DTaRaPH, to tear apart (Genesis 37:33).

Most physician words are Dalet-Koof experts of precision, like DOCTOR and MEDIC, seen at TACTICIAN.  Possible Pey-Resh physicians include Hungarian orvos and Russian vrach.

Resh-Phey weakeness appears in a Double-Root word (see PICRIC ACID):

חריף   K[H]aReeYPH  (sharp, bitter, pungent)  can be  a “mild burning” sensation [PICRIC ACID].         That is , 1) חרה K[H]aRaH (to burn – see CHAR)   plus 2)   רפה   RaPH aH (to be weak).

To WAFFLE,to  weakly vacillate, may be a Resh-Phey word of weakness.   WAFFLE  is similar to   רפרף   RiPHRaiPH  (to flutter). In Arabic it means “it flapped its wings.”   EDK links the word to weakness, and looseness, so ineffectual flailing about is the sense.

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Lucy   11/29/2016 8:11:00 AM
Fascinating – thank you for posting this. Really interesting in thinking about the process of therapy, rupture and repair, fragmentation and integration.

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